Dance With The Devil 2 : Reincarnation

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013

Dance with the Devil 2 for only starting at $5 in a LEGAL VENUE!

If you remember the last one, you know this will be a good time!
There will be a Devil there also for you to dance with. You should also dress up as a devil when you come. There will be some of the best locals playing!

——————–The Black Horseman——————–


Riding out of the scorching Sonoran desert, comes a wretched and decrepit apparition Hell bent on infecting the masses with the sounds of Psychedelic Trance. As an old soul, The Black Horseman’s reign of terror is widely recognized and highly respected when The Black Horseman took the name Spyder in human form. After the demise of Spyder, the God’s of Wrath came together and The Black Horseman has now been unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Feel the terror of a tortured soul and experience the nightmare of The Black Horseman!

———————- MOZRT ———————-


“Frank Herbert once said, “There is no ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” And in the case of MOZRT, stopping is the last thing on the mind of David Patino. What began as a collaborative work with his former partner has evolved into a one-man operation, and as he sees it, the start of just a new chapter in a story that began nearly two decades ago. An established dj in his own right, he has been hand-picked to open for acts such as Skynet, Limewax, Evol Intent, Spor, Noisia, The Others, and Caspa, among others. In early 2012 the world got it’s first taste of the production side of MOZRT when “Synthetic Symphony” was dropped. This full-length mix featured primarily original material and remixes, and was more than just a hint of things to come.

It wasn’t long before the countless hours in the studio began to pay off, as MOZRT caught the attention of Dub FX, owner of Convoy Records, for whom he produced a remix of their single “Wandering Love”. Their second official release, the “Destroy the Silence” EP came out in July ’12 on Free Love Digi and climbed to the #25 spot on Beatport’s Top 100 Dubstep Chart, and #30 for Top 100 Drum & Bass releases. Never willing to let up, 2013 will continue to expand the diverse sound of MOZRT, and you can expect a onslaught of forthcoming releases. Starting the new year strong, MOZRT was commissioned to do 2 remixes for Silent J, a local dutch/complextro superstar feat. the lovely vocal talent of MISS KRYSTLE. Released on BOMBEATZ Music – it topped out at #14 on the Top 100 releases for hip-hip on the beatport charts. Next release due out in the coming months is a DRBLZ & EKIM_BAM tear-out remix that is sure to turn some heads.He has also recently been dropping some Trap music bombs so keep an eye out! His Waterfall Remix from Sesso DeLuca is already killin it!
2013 is the Genesis for MOZRT, and You can trust he’ll continue shredding any waves of inspiration the Universe throws his way.”

——————– Maromi ——————–

~Happy Hardcore~

DJ Maromi is your source for high octane pop influenced super happy hardcore. Passion, dedication and technical ability has made Maromi one of the most dominant names in the Southwest’s hardcore scene. Maromi is a member of Disko Warp Records, Justice Hardcore, and is officially sponsored by Kikwear Industries. She will continue to destroy dancefloors with her super happy, super fast, super cheese sound at raves and cons from coast to coast!

——————– MadMax ——————–


DJ MadMax started his DJ career as a nameless promoter in the Arizona club/rave scene. Intrigued by the music and the way other DJs could flawlessly transition from one track to the next by simply mixing the music in so many different possible ways. He set out to make it on his own as an AZ DJ. With the sounds of hard hitting electro, melbourne house, dutch house and over 3 years of experience under his belt MadMax has set out to make a name for himself in the Arizona scene and has done just that. Playing with the likes of Arizona local legends such as Sam Groove, Dirty Trickz, DJ Louder, Blakeland, Grem, DJ DisFUNKtion, Mando Roxx, Dulectro Thugz, and Decade…MadMax decided to take EDM into his own hands. Keep a look out for bookings and special events including DJ MadMax.

——————– Spear ——————–


Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Spear is an American Hardstyle artist with a handful of releases and remixes. A former member of the Darksiderz and a currently in the group AZHC AllStars on the hardcore tip. He’s definitely a hot commodity in the Western hard dance scene. It has been said on many occasions that his style is unique from every other Hard Dance DJ in the area and his stage presence is something to be reckoned with. With his name being on lineups in Nevada, California, Hawaii and Arizona, his name is growing. Spear has also done some unique things in his career of DJing and production. His most recent highlight playing at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 in Las Vegas on the Q-Dance Stage with the Darksiderz.

——————– Blakeland ——————–


With an Affinity for Heavy Kick Basslines and Strong Melodic Breakdowns it’s no wonder Blakeland a Trance and Hard Dance DJ from PHX AZ has become a well known name in the Valley of the Sun. His drive to push forward in both performance and musical taste has broken down many walls in genres leading him to pick up mesh and create a style all his own that both himself and the crowd enjoy. Since his first performance in early 2006 he had found himself a regular in the local dance circuit, He’s later traveled to Nevada, California, Florida and New Mexico dropping beats like bombshells destroying dance floors and crumbling the foundations of local venues.

——————– Sesso ——————–


Sesso has always had a passion for electronic dance music. He has nearly 10 years of experience behind the decks spinning various genres from Tech House to Hardstyle and has opened for DJs such as Tara Brooks and Showtek. In addition to DJing, Sesso is also a talented producer and has released over 10 tracks on Beatport and other major distribution outlets this year! His Tech House flavor is very distinct and packed with synthy basslines combined with a head bobbing groove, so you will know its him rocking the dance floor!
The Black Horseman
Damien Helzcoming


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